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Our Emphasis On Oil, Gas And Mineral Law

Texas is among one of the top locations for oil, gas and other natural resources in the United States. Accessing and managing these resources, however, may require negotiations and sometimes litigation between landowners, drilling or mining companies, and the government.

The attorneys of Kelsey, Kelsey & Hickey, PLLC, can provide you with the tools you need to advance your interests in oil and gas planning and disputes.

Skilled Counsel For Property Usage

We know that many resources are not conveniently located. Our attorneys can work with companies and landowners across the state to resolve competing interests.

Our law firm can help with a variety of ownership and land use issues, including:

  • Royalty disputes and division orders
  • Oil and gas lease or purchase agreements
  • Title and deed conflicts, including litigation
  • Conveyance documents for mineral rights
  • Contractor and subcontractor mineral liens

Who Owns The Oil Or Minerals?

It is important to know who truly owns a tract of land and, by extension, the natural resources within it. If you learn that a rock stratum of oil or gas sets deep beneath your farmland, for example, you should particularly explore your property rights. This discovery could be a financial windfall with the right legal guidance. However, you must make sure that the mineral rights currently belong to you.

You should also consider the impact of the activity to retrieve the oil or gas beneath your property on its surface. Many landowners fail to understand the dominant nature of the mineral estate in Texas when it comes to rights to use the surface for oil and gas exploration.

You may consider selling the right to drill on your property. Our lawyers are uniquely experienced with these types of mineral transactions. We can explain the dynamics between surface rights and mineral rights, and help you strike a reasonable deal.

Our attorneys can help both private citizens and industry clients thoroughly review the terms of business agreements for pooling, sharing agreements, operating agreements, leases, assignments, deeds or partnership agreements.

We Possess In-Depth Mineral Law Knowledge

Oil, gas and other land-based resources are often extremely valuable. With land or profits at stake, you may benefit from our combined experience of over a century. Contact us through our online form or call us in Denton at 940-387-9551 to consult with an accomplished lawyer.