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Secure Your Business With Our Dedicated Legal Team

As a Texas business owner, you will encounter a variety of legal needs. Although our attorneys are ready to advise you at any point, the best way to protect your business is by taking action before problems arise.

Our attorneys at Kelsey, Kelsey & Hickey regularly counsel entrepreneurs and business owners about entity formation, transactions, daily operations and conflict resolution. We often help business clients with agreements such as noncompetition, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, employee and independent contractor issues, cooperative business relationships and contracts. We are also able to help you with regulatory compliance issues that are specific to your industry, process, product or service. We can pinpoint the laws that pertain to you and find ways to efficiently comply.

Your Guide Through Contracts And Transactions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Addressing issues before they arise by creating useful and comprehensive agreements in a business environment helps the client avoid potential flaws such as ambiguous or unfair terms.

Our comprehensive business services assist with:

  • Buying, selling or leasing commercial property
  • Advising clients regarding the creation of simple or complex employment contracts
  • Reviewing nondisclosure agreements
  • Business sales and transfers
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Enhancing business relationships by helping the client clearly document agreements with their clients and customers.

Defending Your Interests In A Dispute

In a business conflict, we recognize the value of taking the central problem seriously. Contact an attorney as soon as possible if you face a dispute with shareholders, vendors, government entities, consumers or other parties. Or if you have issues with or concerns about dealings with a business, we are here to help.

Our lawyers are determined to defend your company by providing unyielding representation in business litigation.

Work With Our Attentive Business Lawyers

Whether you need general counsel or face a sudden legal issue, our attorneys are eager to work with you. Call our Denton law firm at 940-387-9551 to schedule a consultation. You may also leave us a message online to receive a prompt, informative response.