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Trusted Estate Planning & Probate Lawyers

In the bustle of daily life, it’s easy to let your and your family’s future become an afterthought. With a few steps in advance, however, you can shield your loved ones from complicated financial and legal issues.

Our firm has assisted families with their probate needs for generations. We are committed to giving you peace of mind through a well-thought-out strategy.

We Know That Every Estate Plan Is Personal

Your wishes are unique; your finances, family and personal values and relationships will likely influence your estate planning decisions. We help you solidify these wishes through legally enforceable documents. Your estate plan could also provide certain forms of protection and assistance during life.

While your individual needs and preferences will be the focus of your personalized estate plan, our lawyers commonly assist with a variety of elements such as:

  • Basic or complex wills
  • Trusts, including living trusts and specialty trusts like gun trusts
  • Appointing powers of attorney
  • Long-term health care plans
  • Advance health care directives, also commonly referred to as living wills

How Should You Administer An Estate?

If you are the personal representative of an estate, you have several crucial duties to fulfill. Almost invariably, courts require that a personal representative of an estate be represented by counsel. This process can be complex, but our attorneys are here to support you.

There are two common ways to administer the estate in Texas. The dependent method requires you to receive court approval before taking certain actions. In contrast, the independent administration method is often more streamlined, and therefore less expensive and more efficient, because court contact is limited. In either scenario, an attorney can be a valuable resource in both methods and is usually required by courts. Other special probate proceedings avoid formal probate altogether. Our attorneys are well-versed in all areas of probate law and can assist whatever the need is.

While in the probate or estate administration process, you must act in the best interest of the estate. The level of accountability and responsibility to the beneficiaries of the estate is of the highest legal order, requiring thoughtful decision-making for any personal representative. Personal representatives are charged with the responsibility of identifying, gathering and protecting the assets of the estate, while dealing with claims owned and owed by the estate. Navigating these waters can be overwhelming for attorneys not familiar with the probate process and consequently for their clients.

Our attorneys can assist you with fulfilling these important obligations. We skillfully guide executors through settling debts, locating assets, notifying other parties, resolving litigation and protecting the estate from damage.

Contact Us For Professional Assistance

We are truly passionate about what we do. Our estate planning and probate lawyers are ready to help you determine how to protect your family and finances well into the future. Call our law office, Kelsey, Kelsey & Hickey, PLLC, in Denton, at 940-387-9551 or contact us online to schedule your first consultation.