As a business owner in Texas, you have a lot of big things planned. Maybe you have the next five years of anticipated and intended growth mapped out. But do you have a business succession plan yet? If you do not, you may want to reconsider. 

Business succession plans are sometimes thought of as something you do not need until you are nearing retirement. This is a fallacy. You should actually make a business succession plan almost as soon as you start the business. Why is this? Simply put, life is unpredictable. Though you may hope for the best, you do not know how your business will flourish. You cannot say for sure if you will be there to see it through all of its crucial changes. 

The last thing you want is to risk your business going under because something rendered you incapable of running it and had no backup plan. Not only do you want to have a successor lined up, but you also want to have a backup in case they can no longer take over. Be sure the successor is well aware of your intentions and agree to running the business if you cannot. Pick someone responsible and dedicated, who you trust to stick with your vision. After that, build a business succession plan based around the knowledge you would like to pass on. 

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