Placement in a nursing home may be necessary for your elderly loved one’s well-being. However, not all facilities offer the same level of care. In some cases, staff and conditions within the nursing home can actually be detrimental to your loved one’s health, which in turn can cause a wide range of negative effects. There are certain signs you can look for if you’re concerned about a particular nursing home, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Staff’s treatment of residents

While nursing home staff must have certain knowledge to provide proper care to residents, they must also present a kind and caring manner. When staff are too gruff or dismissive of residents, the atmosphere created can be very unhealthy. It might also be difficult for residents to ask for help when they’re often readily dismissed by staff. This can lead to poor medical care, which in turn can result in serious complications when health issues aren’t adequately addressed.

Where it’s located

It’s best when residents have access to safe, secure outdoor areas. Taking walks with staff on nice days is a great mood booster, and it can also serve as a respite from being cooped up in one’s room for many hours. When a facility lacks secure outdoors areas, it’s depriving residents of a very important outlet for their mental and physical health.

Noise level

While some noise is normal within a nursing home, too much noise could signal a facility that is in disarray. Even if the staff is busy, they should have a reasonable handle on things on a day-to-day basis. When things are too chaotic, chances are staff are not working to their best ability. Additionally, certain residents may be put off by the continuous loud noises.