While you generally have the right to be safe in your own home and on your own property, there is one concept that could take that property right out from under you. Eminent domain is a legal right for the government or an approved entity to take your land for fair market value for use that benefits the public. You do get paid when eminent domain is used, but you still lose your land with little or no right to stop it from happening. This can get some Texas landowners quite upset, especially since it is happening more often in the state.

According to KUT 90.5, landowners are now pushing for changes to the eminent domain laws. Mainly, people want more rights when it is used. Many of these people are ranchers or farmers who worry that whatever their land is going to be taken for will interfere with their ability to ranch or farm.

You may have noticed that more companies are taking advantage of eminent domain. Specifically, these companies are within the oil and gas industry. This poses a huge potential for issues when they take over part of someone’s land. People want guarantees and rights to ensure the rest of their land is still safe to operate on and any losses are compensated.

It is likely that you will see some legislation regarding this issue soon. The ultimate goal is more accountability and transparency involved in the process so it is fair for everyone. This information is for education and is not legal advice.