Your parents have passed away, and during the reading of the will, you discovered they left you with a great deal of their possessions that you neither need nor want. This is not an uncommon situation for many Texas residents. What can you do with that extra set of china, the boxes of costume jewelry or the vinyl albums if you have no room to store it all? You may consider holding an estate sale. Estate sales are often held by those who receive an inheritance of things they cannot keep.

Is an estate sale like a garage or yard sale? Not quite, as HowStuffWorks points out. Estate sales are generally more upscale than your average yard sale; in fact, your estate sale may involve valuables that you would not want to barter away for just a few dollars, as well as heirlooms you would want handled carefully and respectfully.

Estate sales, therefore, are often handled by an experienced estate sales agent. This person would oversee the following:

  • Organizing and pricing the items for sale
  • Directing buyers through the home
  • Supervising to make sure nothing is stolen
  • Handling transactions
  • Cleaning up at the end of the event

Like many people who inherit unwanted or unneeded items, you may feel guilty at the thought of letting go of your parents’ possessions. However, it is understandable that you cannot keep everything that your parents bequeathed to you, especially if they had many decorations and collections. Rather than giving these items to a thrift store or throwing them away, your parents’ cherished possessions can find new owners who will use and enjoy them. You can also let go of your misgivings knowing they will not be collecting dust in storage or going to waste. It may help to consider hiring an experienced auctioneer or agent, who can ensure you get the most value for the possessions.