At the law firm of Kelsey, Kelsey & Hickey, PLLC, we know that few things in life are as exciting as buying your dream home. However, not all home purchases go off without a hitch. For some Texas home buyers, the experience can turn into a nightmare if there were hidden problems with the home’s appliances or construction materials.

An ongoing issue regarding substandard foreign drywall illustrates this point in painful detail. As the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission explains, homeowners in numerous states, including Texas, were adversely affected by Chinese drywall after the infamous 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, which damaged thousands of homes in several states. Reportedly, builders were unable to obtain domestic drywall during a shortage of the material, and they had to outsource drywall from overseas. You may be interested to learn that Chinese drywall contains hydrogen sulfide, a chemical that can cause numerous problems when it leaches into the air.

Hydrogen sulfide has been found responsible for such issues as corroding pipes and electrical components, which causes plumbing issues and breakdowns of major appliances, such as air conditioning units and refrigerators. However, you may be more concerned to learn about the health problems reported by those living in homes containing Chinese drywall. Asthma, irritated eyes, coughing and other chronic symptoms have been associated with hydrogen sulfide.

Numerous homeowners with Chinese drywall have filed insurance claims and taken legal action against contractors and insurers. This can give you an example of not only the complications that can arise with an unknown issue in your newly purchased home but also your possible recourses. Our page on real estate explains some options you may have if you are experiencing problems after your home purchase.