Delays can be very costly to a real estate development project. They can significantly throw off a developer’s plans and goals. So, avoiding unnecessary delays can be critical for real estate developers here in Texas.

There are a range of things that can delay a project. For one, legal problems and disputes can have this effect. So, among the delay-prevention steps developers can take is making sure legal matters related to the project are in order and that any unexpected legal issues that come up are promptly addressed. Skilled real estate lawyers can assist developers with efforts to avoid project delays related to legal issues.

Sometimes, factors specific to a location can lead to project delays. This includes inefficiency or lack of prompt responses at city planning and zoning departments. Other examples include things like NIMBY movements or complex situations regarding local politics.

So, among the things developers may want to do when looking into potential locations for a project is do some research on whether a location raises any red flags for having a high possibility of delays. Steps that can be taken on this front include:

  • Calling, visiting and looking at the website of the area’s planning department. This can help a developer get a feel for how the department operates and how big of a priority making things easy and efficient for developers is for it.
  • Looking into the local political situation to check for potential roadblocks.
  • Talking to locals who have had experience interacting with the planning department to get a picture of how things usually go with development projects in the area.